Monday, August 15, 2011

3. Lost Trident

Meanwhile, in another part of the ocean, this conversation was taking place:

"OH, Drat and Pooh, Saul! It's GONE! I've LOST it!"

"Now, now, Your Majesty, Maybe you've just misplaced it...?"

"Nope!  I've looked everywhere that I usually put it and it's GONE!"

 "Have you looked in the...?"

"Oh, Saul, I have looked everywhere. It was that party I went to with the squids and the porpoises! They are such a fast crowd and we were all over the place and I had too much Joy Juice to drink as I sometimes do..."

"You DO love that Joy Juice!"

"Saul. What shall I do? YOU are my First Counselor--so  give me some council!"

"Well your trident is your most famous symbol of authority, Father Neptune, and it is also a bit magical I believe?"

"Oh, more than a BIT, Saul! Why with that TRIDENT I can do wonders, but without it I am just another old merman!"

 "Then as your First Councilor, I advise you to take it easy, sir. Relax! I will find it for you or my name ain't Saul the Sole!"

"Oh, good, Saul! I feel better already! GO GET  IT, SAUL!"

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