Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5. Starry Appears

Meanwhile, back in Constable Crab's part of the ocean:

"This is QUITE a find!" Constable Crab thought to himself as he turned the strange object he had found over in his claws. "I sure wish Starry was here to see it with me... uh...STARRY?!"

"Hello, Constable. Nice to meet you out here."

"But, Starry! What in the world are YOU doing out here?"

"Oh, I just felt like taking a walk. Why? What's up?"

"I found this odd thing--and the oddest part of it is that just when I thought I would like you to be here with me to see it--HERE YOU ARE!"

"Not so weird, Constable. As I said, I thought I would take a walk a while ago and here I am."

"But, Starry, what a coincidence! Have you ever taken a walk in this part of the ocean at this time of day before?!"

"Well no. But my day is not so routine that I always do the same things at the same time, ya know. I am not a perfect creature of habit. I still have a bit o' free will!"

"OK, OK. Anyway it is wonderful to have you here! Take a look at this thing I found!"

"Cool! Looks like a trident. I know what it is, 'cause I've seen pictures--but I never saw one in person before, ya know."

"I haven't either. How do you think it got out here?"

"Well I don't know. People up there are always droppin' things in the water! It's a constant rain of stuff."

"But--a TRIDENT?!"


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