Friday, August 19, 2011

7. Surprize Desert

 The tempura was delicious.

Starry and I finished and were having a nice after lunch chat when the waitress came by again with the desert menus.

"Do you have a little room for desert?" she asked.

"Oh, why not--lets!" Starry said and we accepted the menus.

What I hoped to find listed was my very favorite desert--strawberry tart--but it was not on the menu.

"Yummy!" Starry commented, "They have Orange Sherbet with Chocolate Flakes and Hot Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese..."

But before we could make a decision, the  waitress appeared again carrying a silver tray with two deserts.

"These deserts are not on the list," she said, "but our chef baked them for his own family this morning. 

"When he heard that the famous Constable Crab and his friend Starry Starfish were our guests he sent them out with his compliments--on the house. 

"He hopes you will try them and enjoy them. 

"They are his own specialty: Strawberry Tarts."  


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