Monday, August 22, 2011

8. Promotion

Starry and I parted at the cafe and I continued to my office still carrying the trident I had found.

Effie, my walrus secretary, met me at the door.

"Hi, Effie. Look at the cool trident I found out in the rocks."

"Very pretty, Constable. Here is an envelope that was just hand-delivered for you. It looks important."

"I opened the envelope. Inside was a letter from the Ocean City Police Department.

"Dear Constable Crab," it said, "Congratulations for a job well done. 

We have reviewed your outstanding performance as a reef constable and have decided that you should be immediately promoted to Chief of Detectives for your area. 

This will mean tripling your present salary and giving you a larger cost of living and housing  allotment. 

You may stay in your present reef location or come to the city to work. Whatever you decide is all right with us. 

Best wishes in your continued excellent work.  

A. Frump, Chief of Ocean City Police."

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