Saturday, August 13, 2011

2. The Object

Caught in the mossy rocks near the path was a strange, beautiful object.

I approached it quickly but cautiously.

It looked like a weapon of some sort--longer than a sword but shorter than a spear--and made of some kind of silvery, goldy metal. 

It was forkish in shape--a big fork with three tines--like maybe a fishing spear.

I gingerly picked it up. 

It somehow seemed to be made to be handled with respect. 

Lightweight, but heavy enough--perfect balance--and some old words came to my  mind: "N'er have ya' seen such foin craaftsmanship!" 

The point of each of the three fork tips was  tipped with a sparkling gem--real diamond, I guessed.

It was somehow familiar to me--I had seen something like this before, somewhere, sometime. 

I brandished it a bit. It made me feel different--powerful!


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