Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4. The Word Goes Out

 "All right, Isiah," Saul said to his Chief of Staff shortly after the meeting with sorrowing Father Neptune, "You know the drill. The King has misplaced his trident again, so I want you to..."

"Find it?"

"Yeah, Dumbkopf! Find it! But not only find it, but be quiet about finding it! Neptune's trident is one-of-a-kind magic powerful! If it ever got into the wrong hands the world would be in BIG trouble!"

"Chee! I dunno--where do you think I might start looking? Most of the world is ocean and you know Neptune's antics when he--uh--indulges in a little Joy Juice--and that fast bunch he runs with--heck, the trident could be anywhere from Maine to Madagascar."

"Or offshore Terra del Fuego and a hundred fathoms down. I know. I know. Well, you knew when you took this job that it was not all tea and cakes and you halibuts are famous for knowing what's going on at the bottom--so get going and bring me that trident PRONTO! Got me?"

"I'm on my way Boss!


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