Saturday, July 23, 2011

10. The Blue Star Crystal

"The fact that this priceless box was not removed along with it's contents may say something about the creature who took the crystal--because the crystal is not a piece of jewelry but a tool for the storage and focusing of energy--specifically the energy of healing." Master Walter explained.

"Our main purpose at this monastery is to investigate aspects of the arts of healing and the Blue Star Crystal is of great importance to us. 

It is never allowed to leave these premises for any reason. 

It has been here--usually in this box--for generations. In fact it has been here since the founding of this monastery and was indeed one of the main reasons why the place was built so long ago. 

We hope, I hope, you will be able to help us to find the crystal, Constable Crab, and return it here so we may continue to investigate it's properties and use it in our healing practice. 

We are not so much interested in catching and punishing the thief--though that may happen as part of the process.

We want--we need--we must have---our crystal back."


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