Monday, July 25, 2011

12. Friar Montegue

The monk adept waiting alone for us in the library was a shrimp--a snapping shrimp--the kind of shrimp known for it's unusual ability to snap it's larger claw with such speed and force as to cause the death of minnows or other nearby small sea creatures by creating shock waves in the sea.

Wearing the robe of the monastic order of the Blue Moon Monastery made him look--perhaps deceptively--benign, so I approached him with caution.

As Master Walter introduced us and exposed our true identity, Friar Montague seemed perfectly unconcerned by the deception--a  self-controlled creature who took everything in stride.

"I am indeed pleased to meet Constable crab and his worthy helper Starry Starfish." He said, offering his smaller claw for us to shake. "And I will be glad to keep his identity hidden for a while until our priceless jewel has been returned."

"Use your all of your many talents please, Friar Montague, to help these visiting professionals solve our problem." Master Walter said. 

"I have duties and exercises now to perform for the monastery and so I must leave you three for a while--I want you to be a committee--work well together--and know that I pre-approve any action you take. 

You need not consult with me for any decision you make--just keep me informed. Adieu." 

And Master Walter moved calmly away.



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