Saturday, July 30, 2011

17. Questions

There was still time for a few questions before the evening meal, so I asked the committee: "Do any of the monks from this monastery ever go into the village?"

"I do." said Friar Montague. "I usually go several times a week--to arrange for the delivery of supplies and to make purchases--and sometimes to deliver the small items we manufacture to raise funds for the monastery. 

"Occasionally, but not regularly, other monks also go out.  They always  go in pairs or I accompany them. None have gone out since the discovery of the missing crystal--we have sadly been rather in a lock-down mode, though I went out once to send the package and message which brought you and Starry here."

"Perhaps then, Friar Montague, early tomorrow you and I could get together  to discuss your knowledge of the village and villagers?" I asked. 

"Of course. Whatever I know that can be of use to you is yours and my time is your time." he replied.

"Another question," I said, "Would it be possible for someone--not a member of this community--to stay hidden inside these walls for a period of days without being discovered?" 

Fugu, Lophius, and Montague looked doubtfully at each other.

"Well, it might be possible for a very resourceful and determined person." Friar Montague said,  "Though to the best of our knowledge it has never been done."

"That will be all for now, then." I said. "We will probably see each other soon at the evening meal and later at the Chapter meeting. And thanks all of you for your help being a committee."

Silently we dispersed.  


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