Tuesday, July 26, 2011

13. Committee

"It is probably most essential for us to establish a degree of trust so we can work well together." Friar Montague said after Master Walter's departure.

"You should know, Constable Crab and Starry, that I have taken a vow never to use my snapping powers to harm anything. 

"We snapping shrimp have filled an evolutionary slot by becoming as we are physically.  I have made a conscious decision to change--as my communion with this monastery demonstrates.

"I do not follow the old "eat or be eaten" tradition of my race. I have been a strict vegetarian for most of my life and you have nothing to fear from me.

"I view myself not as a Snapping Shrimp but as an Ahimsa Shrimp. I abhor violence."

"Good, Friar Montague." I said, "I am sure we will work well together. Do you have any suggestion as how to proceed?"

"I do." Friar Montague said. "I would like to expand our committee to include the other two adepts here, Friar Lophius and Friar Fugu.


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