Thursday, July 21, 2011

8. Daily Schedule

Friar Kew first led us to our rooms. 

The rooms, cells as they are called, were next to each other and in a part of the monastery reserved for guests. 

Each of the narrow but spacious rooms contained a comfortable bed with neat linens ready to be used, a writing table and two chairs of the same heavy carved wood as those in Master Walter's office. Each had a window with a fetching view of the village in the valley below. 

There were no locks on the room doors since the doors to the outside world were closed and locked and everyone inside the outer walls was a trusted member of the monastic community. 

Next we visited the refectory where the brothers took their meals. It was somewhat late for lunch so an assistant cook fixed a snack for us. 

"Our, uh, regular evening meal is at six o'clock--your places are at the head table next to Master Walter." Kew said.

Then friar Kew acquainted us with the daily schedule and concluded with this information:

"We are all required to, uh, attend the Sunday chapel service at ten in the morning--which is also open to the, uh, public--usually a few people from the village attend. 

We,uh, observe silence at all times, but may speak quietly with each other, if necessary, after our meals and we may speak during our work time if our work requires it. No frivolous or, uh, unnecessary talk is allowed."

We thanked Friar Kew for this information  and, since it was almost four o'clock, Starry and I made our way back to Master Walter's office. 


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