Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3. Starry's In

Of course I had heard of the Sanctuary of Moonshine and the famous Father Walter--but, what on earth could have happened there which  merited a visit from me?

I opened the package. 

Sure enough it contained two robes and two rope belts--one robe my size and one a little larger which I thought would probably fit Starry if he would accompany me.

This was exactly the kind of mysterious adventure which appealed to him and I had to admit my own curiosity was peaked, so I  carried the package and the letter down to his lodging.

"Good morning, Starry." I casually said when he answered my knock on his door. 

I handed him the letter. "Kindly read this, old fellow, and tell me what you think."

While he was reading I took the larger robe out of the package and held it up.

When he had finished reading and took a look at the robe I was displaying he simply smiled and said: "Wonderful, Constable! Count me in! I wouldn't miss it for the world!"


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