Friday, July 29, 2011

16. Announcement

There was a light tap on the library door. Since Friar Montague was nearest, he answered it.

Though I couldn't see him outside the room, I heard the unmistakable voice of Friar Kew: "Uh, Master Walter wants me to tell everyone that he will speak at the weekly Chapter meeting this evening. Everyone, uh, must attend."

When the door was closed again, Friar Montague turned to me and said: "You will see all of us then--at the same time and in the same place--this evening at seven in the Chapter Room. 

"Perhaps your policeman's intuition will help you spot the thief if it is one of the brothers. I know most of them very well and do not suspect anyone.

"There are thirty-eight brother members resident here now and they will all attend this Chapter meeting, I think--except for Friar Crispus who is excused from all duties since he is elderly and ill and is presently bedridden in the infirmary.

"There are no lay brothers or other outsiders at all living here at this time and there were none here when the Blue Star went missing."


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