Wednesday, July 27, 2011

14. Special Abilities

"We three monks, known as adepts by the community, along with Master Walter, have attained a degree of self-awareness through the practice of meditation and various traditional exercises." Friar Montague continued. 

"Though we are far from perfect, we have certain abilities which make us also far from ordinary as I must say with all humility. And though we are similar in general awareness we each have our own paths of special knowledge. 

"As I believe Master Walter has told you, my own specialty is knowledge of the ancient Dolphinian language. 

"Dolphins, which are still air-breathing animals, purposefully returned to the sea to live many, many long ages ago and their ancient language holds untold wisdom which I study and appreciate.

"Friar Lophius is a monkfish with special knowledge of nutrition and exercise. Friar Fugu is a blowfish with deep knowledge of the science of breathing.

"Our specialties compliment each other and, if I may say so, working together, as we often do, we can be a rather formidable force."

I thought that a committee of such unusual membership might be of great help in recovering the missing crystal, so I said: "Very well. I agree with your suggestion to expand our committee. When can we meet?"

"I assumed you would like the idea of allowing my fellow adepts to join us," Friar Montague replied, "so I have taken the liberty of asking them to be waiting for your decision outside the library door. 

"I will call them in now."


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