Sunday, July 24, 2011

11. Time

"I am the only one here who knows your true identity, Constable Crab, and I think that is for the best for the average Moonlight Monastery monk. I want you to continue your masquerade until the crystal is back in this box and on the chapel altar where it belongs.  

But I have decided to share our secret with three other monks to aid you in your investigation. 

These three adepts have lived here for years and, like me,  have complete and permanent access to the crystal.  

I will soon introduce you to one of the adepts.

His name is Friar Montague. He is a healer, a serious student of the ancient Dolphin language and he is waiting for us alone in the library. If you have no questions I will introduce you to him now."

I had one question.

"When did you discover that the Crystal was missing and how long did it take for you to decide to contact me?"

"Last Sunday evening when I went to use the crystal for my evening meditation I discovered it missing. I knew immediately that we would need help since neither I nor any of the brothers know anything about criminal activity. I knew of your reputation and posted you the disguise with my request to come help us early Monday morning." 

"That's right." I replied, "I received the package on Tuesday, contacted Starry and we left for your monastery as soon as we could.  

Our walking trip took two days. We arrived here on Thursday."

"Then is this time-line important, Constable?" Master Walter asked.

"I have an idea that the passing of time may be important. Please introduce us to the adept monk now."  


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