Saturday, July 16, 2011

6. Friar Kew

There was a short wait--then a small view-panel opened in the door.  Someone said something to someone else inside the building and there was another pause. Then the view-panel closed and the great iron-bound wooden door moved slowly open a crack revealing a small, young, rather thin sea cucumber.

"Friar Crab and assistant?" came a hesitant immature voice partly muffled by a robe.

"I am Friar Crab and this IS my assistant, Friar Starfish." I said with what I hoped was a note of authority. "We come by invitation of Master Walter."

"Oh I know, I know. Uh, we are just being a little cautious because of some, uh,  unfortunate occurrences here recently, Friar Crab. We are expecting you both. Uh, please come in." and the monk moved timidly aside, allowing us enough room to enter. 

"I am Friar Kew." said the young monk. "It is my, uh, task to take you to Master Walter."

The monk then locked the great door behind us and gestured for us to follow him.


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