Saturday, July 9, 2011

36. All's Well

I sent Hettie and Clarence back to their rooms and there was no harp haunting that night.

The next morning, Starry and I were waiting in the breakfast room when Angela arrived with Charles. 

"I have wonderful news, Constable!" Angela cried excitedly,  "Charles and I are going to be married!

Charles has been offered the position of Head Archeologist exploring the possible ruins of Atlantis--the opportunity of a lifetime for him-- and a job that will take many years.   The work site is near the Island of Bermuda so I have decided to sell this house to Morris and start  a new life there with Charles. 

You said, Constable, that I should be prepared to make some difficult decisions. The decision to marry Charles was easy but the decision to sell Heavenly Abode was hard. In the long run though, I believe everything will work out for the best for everyone!"

"Good news indeed, Angela and best congratulations, Charles!" I said.

Now, about the ghost--last night Starry and I discovered..."

Angela glanced over at Hettie and Clarence and laughed,"Oh, we can all forget about that ghost!  Charles and I are eloping NOW--TODAY! 

We will head for the waters near Bermuda for our honeymoon and my lawyer-fish, Anthony Bilbury Shark, can take care of the sale of Heavenly Abode to Morris the Eel.  

When this house is leveled and new smaller residences are built, perhaps our ghost can find somewhere else to haunt! 

"So, thank you very much for everything, Constable!" Angela said happily, "Especially your advice to stay in my bedroom with Charles with the door locked these last few nights!"

"Yes, thank you, Constable and you too Starry." Charles said,  "And please come visit us sometime soon in our brand new--and ghostless we hope-- Heavenly Abode near Bermuda Island!"

Clarence and Hettie--looking very relieved--stood near the door as Starry and I walked away.


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