Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7. Master Walter

We followed young Friar Kew through a long hall and down several twisting passageways until he stopped and knocked lightly at a large wooden door.

" Enter, please." spoke a well-modulated voice with a slight foreign accent.

Friar Kew opened the door for us and we entered darkened, silent, high ceiling office with book-case lined walls. There were several chairs and other pieces of old carved wood furniture furniture placed in appropriate locations.

A tall, dignified, robed sea cucumber rose and came from behind a heavy-looking antique desk to greet us.

"Ah, Friar Crab. I am delighted you could come--and...?" 

"This is my friend and right hand, Friar Starry  Starfish." I replied. "We are most happy to be here."

"Did you have a pleasant journey, Friar Crab?"

"Oh, quite! Your monastery is indeed in a most beautiful and unique location and our walk here was easy and relaxed."

"Very good! You may start your researches on the Dolfinian language whenever you wish--our facilities are entirely at your disposal.  Friar Kew will show you to your rooms, the refectory, and explain our daily schedule. 

Perhaps you will drop in at about four this afternoon for a private chat with me here?"


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