Thursday, July 14, 2011

4. Walking Tour

We decided to try on the robes right then.

They both fit perfectly!

There was nothing on either of our schedules which would keep us from an immediate departure so we decided to pack a few essentials and go--and to set the proper mood we also decided to put on and wear our robes on the journey.

The walk to the monastery would take about two days. It was spring, delightful touring weather and we were both experienced hikers and travelers so we anticipated a pleasant trip. 

And though our planned route led through lightly populated country and shallow water we expected to find convenient inns for food and lodging  all along the way.

Neither of us had visited the monastery before but we  knew that it was built in deep calm water in a picturesque kelp forest surrounded by cliffs, crags and stoney outcroppings and we looked forward to some spectacular and inspiring views.

Just the thing to raise the adventurous spirits of crab and starfish!


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