Friday, June 17, 2011

10. Suspects

After lunch, Angelica guided us upstairs to the empty bedroom containing the harp.

The house staff kept everything spotlessly clean, of course, so there were no marks in dust, finprints or anything of that sort.  

As I suspected, the old-fashioned locking devices on the door could only be locked from inside by the occupants of the room. 

Anyone could have entered the room to play the harp--and there was a small army of workers around the mansion--including upstairs and downstairs maids--handymen, cooks and scullery workers, gardeners and groundskeepers--even gamekeepers and foresters--an impossible number of "suspects"--and all the windows in the room were unlocked and open.

"Angelica," I said, "There are no clues here. Is there any reason anyone would want to drive YOU away from this house? Do YOU have any enemies?"

"As I told you, Constable, this is the Angelfish family home. We Angelfish have lived here for more than six generations, but I personally have not lived here since I was a child. I only visited my uncle Egbert here on school vacations. I have only come here to live in the last few months--since my uncle's death--and I don't think I have an enemy in the world."

"And the trouble with the ghost?"

"All the frightening events began only  a few weeks ago."


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