Monday, June 6, 2011

40. Wind Up

So that is how I found myself carrying a coffer  of black diamonds out of the abandoned pier and into the sunlight of the beach.

There was a growing crowd of curious bystanders waiting. I spotted Chief Bigelow and a lot of police walruses--(that is what was drawing the crowd)--but I could also see Starry and Edgar Allan Crawfish--not too close together and mingling with the other creatures in the crowd.

There was nothing to do about the Crawfish--I hadn't CAUGHT him doing anything illegal and I was pretty sure he would disappear from our neighborhood. 

I would go to the Sea Breeze Hotel and set CC's mind at rest. He would not be bothered by odd messages about birthday parties again.

I had a feeling no "rightful owners" of the black pearls would ever be found so some charity would have a windfall of needed funds.

My job was done. This "Crayfish Caper" case was closed. I felt good.


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