Tuesday, June 21, 2011

13. Croquet

The afternoon weather was perfect for a game of croquet so Angelica invited us all down to the lawn to play.

As the game progressed we enjoyed the usual enthusiastic but not very skillful action and the wry banter expected from amateur players.

When Starry and Charles were having a friendly argument about one disputed shot, I took the opportunity to ask Angelica about something her friend Morris the eel had said to her when we first arrived.

"Angelica, WHAT was Morris referring to when he suggested you think about the conversation you had with him last week?"

"Oh Morris!" Angelica replied, "Morris has been interested in buying Heavenly Abode from we Angelfish for years. Uncle Egbert told him we were not interested in selling--but I guess since Uncle Egbert passed away and since I am alone, Morris thinks this might be an opportune time for him to ask again. I told him last week that I am NOT interested in selling, but he continues to plead with me."

"Then Morris wants Heavenly Abode as a residence for himself?" I asked.

"If that was his only reason, I might consider it since this big old home IS a bit much for ONE angelfish! But Morris only wants to tear the place down and develop the grounds into a swarm of one-family mansions---you know the kind I am sure--where the developer builds hundreds of junky but expensive luxury residences and then retires while the buyers pay off their lifetime mortgages."

"I know what you are talking about only too well." I said sadly.

"Besides, I may not be alone forever." Angelica said, glancing over at Charles. "And there may be future generations of Angelfish which need a good place to live..."

"That too." I said with a smile.


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