Saturday, June 18, 2011

11. Facts

"Though there are no physical clues to the identity of our ghost," I said, moving to the harp and brushing my claws lightly across the strings, "we can draw a few interesting conclusions from the facts of the musical attack from this room.

Our ghost was not violent. Music, even spooky music, is not going to hurt anyone under normal conditions.

The ghost knew the general lay-out of this large house--knew enough to perform the musical sounds in the empty room next to the room only occupied for a very short time by Starry--and at a volume which Starry could hear but not be overly disturbed by--and, if the ghost is material--she, he or it could also enter and leave this room without being observed.

The ghost knew of our arrival and wanted to welcome us, or at least make us aware that it knows of our presence, with this musical demonstration."

"The ghost also has a certain amount of cultural awareness--that is--is able perform some sounds on a harp which Starry understood as music."

"I thought it was nice." Starry interjected.

"And the ghost is also shy enough or smart enough to keep well hidden when we are all present."

 At this point Clarence entered the room and announced: "Miss Angelfish, Charles has arrived and is waiting for you below."


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