Thursday, June 30, 2011

19. Plans

I was partnered with the moray eel in the next afternoon's croquet game.

"I hear there is a ghost taking my side at Heavenly Abode." he chuckled.

I admitted that there was some sort of problem and that Angela was quite alarmed.

"Well, personally I don't believe in ghosts," he said, "--but if one helps me win my desire to buy the old mansion I would not mind it too much--though I would not like to worry Angela, of course. It is your turn to strike the ball, Constable."

I took my shot.  

"Nicely placed, partner.". Morris said and we discussed the ghost no more.

After the game I suggested to Angela that Charles should perhaps stay near or in her bedroom in case the ghost should try any haunting in the night. 

"I have already asked him to stay with me." she said. "He is really quite brave for an archaeologist and I will feel much safer with his company."

"Starry and I will again take turns patrolling the house and I would like you to announce that fact to everyone since it seems that this ghost does not like to have watchful people about when it is active."

"Good." Angela said. "I was scared half to death last night when that doorknob turned but now in the light of day the whole thing seems so silly. I seem to be an awful scardy-cat."

"No one blames you for being frightened, Angela. Something very odd is going on, but we are going to stop this ghost business now if we can."  I said.


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