Monday, June 20, 2011

12. Charles

With a flit of her fins, Angelica spun away from us, flew out of the room and away down the stairs, bubbling: "Charles! Charles! Charles!" as she went. (And Angelfish CAN move very rapidly when they want or need to!)

The rest of us followed at a slightly more leisurely and quieter pace and when we arrived in the main hall we discovered Angelica in animated conversation with a handsome young angelfish.

As we gathered around the comely pair, Angelica cried: "Constable, Starry, I would like you to meet my dear  friend, Charles! He is  Graduate Assistant for an important archeological expedition." turning back to Charles, "However DID you manage to get away?"

"When I received your note about a ghost, dear Angelica, I simply moved heaven and earth, and here I am!"

"That is WONderful, Charles! Now you must meet Constable Crab and Starry Starfish--I have invited them here to investigate the mystery. You can stay too, can't you Charles? The guest bedroom with Aunt Minerva's harp in it is empty--we think!"

"Of course. I came to be of service in any way possible for as long as necessary--and don't worry about my job. My superior, Professor Sturgeon, has granted me a leave of absence--for as long as I need to be away!"


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