Sunday, June 12, 2011

5. Introductions

Next day was perfect for travel and before noon the three of us--Miss Angelfish, Starry (who was quite willing to come on the adventure) and myself arrived at the imposing front entrance of the Angelfish family mansion, their "Heavenly Abode".

Angelica pulled an iron headed lever and deep within the massive reef home a bell sounded. 

Soon a maid-fish appeared followed by an imposing trumpet-fish.

"This is Hettie, our Housekeeper, Constable and Starry and our Head Butler, Clarance. 

Hettie, Clarence--these two gentlemen will investigate our problem and hopefully soon return things to normal around here."

"Oh, I DO hope so, Mum." squeaked the maid and the trumpet fish gravely bowed to us and added: "You are very welcome, Sirs, and I offer you any assistance of which I am capable."


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