Tuesday, June 28, 2011

18. Weeping Ghost

I was awakened in the middle of the night by a shriek--Angela's voice I was sure--followed by a crash of furniture. 

I leaped from my bed, raced out of my room and down to her room at the end of the atrium where I knocked on the door.

"Angela, are you all right?" I cried.

Angela, pale and trembling,  opened it.

"The ghost." she said. "The ghost woke me, weeping outside my door. It turned the doorknob--locked, of course--but when the knob turned I was so frightened I screamed and upset my night table."

By this time the commotion had aroused the entire household, Starry, Charles, Clarence, Hettie and several other servants were gathered about. 

I immediately asked if anyone had seen anything--person or ghost--as they came from different parts of the house--but no one had seen a thing. 

"Then Starry and I will take turns patrolling the house for the rest of the night." I said. "You can all return to your rooms--there is nothing to fear. You can sleep peacefully, Angela. We will allow no weeping or wailing on our watch!"

As they left, whispering among themselves, Starry asked how we should go about our task.

"I will take the first watch and will call you in a couple of hours." I said. "I am pretty sure our ghost has done his haunting for this evening, but we might as well keep awake and alert--just in case."


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