Monday, June 13, 2011

6. Morris

We were about the enter the palatial old home when we were startled by a voice from behind us.

"Welcome home, Angelica--gentlemen--I will call on you later, and, Angelica, do not forget our conversation of last week."

"Morris! In the daylight?" said Angelica,"Well, as long as you are awake and here, you must meet the two persons I have asked to help with our problem. Constable Crab--Starry Starfish, this is a neighbor and old friend, Morris."

"Delighted, I'm sure." said the large and rather think moray eel and Starry and I returned his greeting.

"Yes, I seldom get out and about in the daylight--I am such a night person--but I wanted to meet your guests and to welcome you home, Angelica."

It was indeed unusual to see a moray eel by daylight. In fact I had never seen one, since they are all creatures of the night. 

But Morris certainly looked to me like a good specimen of the type--slippery, muscular--with excellent teeth and bright, rather beady eyes--and, in this case, a cultured upper-class voice.


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