Thursday, June 9, 2011

3. Ghost Story

"Your reef home is haunted?" I said trying not to show too much surprise.

"I know it sounds demented, but I am terribly upset--and the strange going's on at our family's estate--we call it Heavenly Abode--are too weird to be explained in any other way." 

"And what are these "strange going's on", please, Miss Angelica?"

"Terrible, frightening things, Constable. Weird sounds in the night. Objects being moved from one place to another. Shadows and even horrible apparitions suddenly looking in the windows!"

"Hmm." That is all I could say. This young angelfish certainly looked sane, but her story was pretty unbelievable.

"I know you must think me mad--sometimes I doubt my own sanity--I  have never believed in ghosts or the supernatural but I have reached the limit of my endurance. Please help me, Constable Crab!"


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