Sunday, June 5, 2011

39.What Now?

"They are beautiful pearls, Leo. But they are stolen--so what do we do next?"

"Look, Constable--their reputation is: STOLEN PEARLS, but I am not even sure about WHO these pearls were stolen FROM. The path of these baubles to my paws was long and crooked and shrouded in mystery--even if I WANTED to return them to their "rightful owner" I wouldn't know where to look."

"You have a reputation too, Leo. Are you going to FIGHT  the police walruses to keep these pearls?"

"Nah. I have everything I need and I don't think I have to defend my reputation any more--that I am a thoroughly bad and dangerous seal is too well documented."

"Do you trust me, Leo?"

"Crab, you are about the squarest shooter I have ever come across in my long, and busy life of crime. Oddly enough, I DO trust you."

"Then let me have the pearls. I will turn them over to Chief Bigelow. We can trust him to either return them to their rightful owner--or if they cannot be found--sell them and give the money to some charity, then YOU will be off the hook and I will guarantee that no charges will be filed against you."

"Why not? I got to own them and to admire them for a few days . What in the heck do people DO with these silly treasures anyway? Take em! Give 'em to Bigelow and I hope he can use them to help somebody who needs help!  I got too much on my conscience already to want any more!" 


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