Monday, June 27, 2011

17. After Dinner

The dinner was nothing short of wonderful--a sort of Japanese-style melange of carefully prepared foods--a large variety of flavors and textures beautifully presented and served. We left the table perfectly satisfied. 

After the meal those who wished to met in the conservatory for a short program of chamber music performed very capably by members of the household staff. 

Angela, complying with requests from friendly guests, sang two folk-songs in a lovely clear soprano voice with the accompaniment of a solo viola d'amore played by Charles--certainly very becoming entertainment.

It had been a very full day for us. 

The guests who had arrived from other nearby homes said their good-nights and left in twos and threes and the Heavenly Abode became darkened  and silent for the night. 

Starry and I met for a brief conversation in the upstairs hallway near our bedrooms.

"A pleasant evening, wasn't it, Constable?" Starry remarked.

"Awfully nice." I replied, "but keep alert my friend. Ghosts love to do their haunting late at night, you know." as I entered my bedroom and gently closed the door behind me.


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