Wednesday, June 15, 2011

8.Haunting Music

When I came down to the dining room for lunch I was charmed by the pleasant display of food on the large table--plates of elegant cucumber sandwiches (Starry would be delighted!), bowls of seaweed salad and  and trays of  jam tarts.

Angelica was waiting near the table and greeted me with the welcome words: "Please help yourself, Constable. We do not stand on formality for luncheon."

I was filling my plate when Starry arrived.

"My word, this all looks delicious!" he chuckled, "And  I see you have the start on me, Constable!"

"Tuck in! Tuck in! And welcome!" I replied.

"Lovely guest bedroom, Angelica." Starry remarked to Angelica, "And I SO appreciated the music!"

"Oh, Dear..." Angelica said, looking disturbed, "WHAT music?"

"Why the sort of haunting  melody--harp, I think--coming from nearby. It was just the thing to help me relax after our journey."

"But  there was NO music playing near your room, Starry. There are four bedrooms on the second floor: yours, Constable Crabs--and the other two are empty. There IS a harp in one of the empty rooms, however--an old harp which belonged to my Aunt Minerva--but SHE HAS BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS!"


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