Friday, June 10, 2011

4. Invitation

I knew the location of Heavenly Abode, a stately manor in an out-of-the-way part of the reef,  and it seemed to me the best way to discover the veracity of Angelica's strange tale was to go there and investigate on the ground.

It also seemed good to me to invite my old friend Starry the starfish along  since there might be more to this adventure than I could handle on my own, so I made this request to the young angelfish.

"Whatever you think best, Constable." she said.
"I am so relieved that you will take an interest in what must seem to you to be some figment of my imagination. I am staying with friends here--I have been too frightened to stay at Heavenly Abode even though there are servants there of course. Perhaps you and your starfish friend could come home with me tomorrow morning? And you must stay there for a while since the ghosts are not active until darkness falls and they do not appear every night." 

"I will contact Starry." I said, "Please meet us here in the morning about nine and we will travel together to your home."

Angelica thanked me profusely and, with a becomming flutter of her fins, left. 
Shortly afterward I went out into the wintery afternoon to see if Starry could join me.


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