Wednesday, June 22, 2011

14. Family History

"I am also responsible for providing the livelihood of a large number of people." Angela continued, "If I sold Heavenly Abode to Morris, the staff would be unemployed with no place to live. Many of the staff here have literally worked for the Angelfish family for generations."

"Really?" I replied. "That is amazing."

"Oh, I know. In this day and age it is practically unheard of--but a few--like Hettie and Clarence, for example--have been servants of my family for years

Clarence's great, great, ever so great grandfather was the friend and partner of my great, great, ever so great grandfather when this country estate was built, and Hettie and her family worked for my old Aunt Minerva at her country home until Aunt Minerva died and her home was sold to a developer and destroyed--then Hettie came here to work for me."

"Then Hettie would be familiar with the harp? Aunt Minerva's harp in your guest bedroom, I mean?"

"Of course. In fact I believe she took some music lessons using that very harp when she was a child--since we Angelfish always treat our servants more like family than like mere employees. That's probably why they stay with us for generations!"


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