Friday, June 3, 2011

37. The Ruined Dock

The old abandoned dock was a gloomy place.

All normal creatures avoided the rotting piles and collapsed wooden structures which irresistibly attracted criminal types .

Entering the area I expected to be met by some of the low-lifes that hung out there and I was not disappointed.

As soon as I was in the shadow of the ruin a sleek harbor seal stuck his pomaded snout out from behind some crates.

"Ahoy matey." he said, "You can STOP right there because no one is allowed to visit these premises--they are off limits to browsers."

"My name is Constable Crab." I said,  "And I am here to speak with Leo the Leopard Seal."

"Constable Crab, is it?" sneered the harbor seal."Well you ARE a cheeky sneak..."

"Let him in!" roared a voice from somewhere inside the maze of fallen timbers, "I have been expecting him."

With a mock show of politeness, the harbor seal led me into the ruined dock and I was soon confronting the fearful bulk of one of the most ruthless residents of the sea, Leo the Leopard Seal.


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