Friday, June 24, 2011

16. Dinner Talk

Morris the eel had been invited for dinner and I asked Angelica to seat me beside him.  There were a couple of things I hoped he would discuss with me.

When all were seated and it was appropriate for a little small talk with our dining neighbor, I turned to him and asked if he enjoyed music.

"Music, Constable?  Well, I certainly DO enjoy  music! 

Unfortunately my business concerns keep me so occupied I scarcely have time to practice, but in my youth I was quite a performer. I especially loved to play the harp and I still have a go at it whenever I can--not for an audience, you understand, but just for my own pleasure. By the way--did you know there is a lovely antique harp in one of the guest bedrooms upstairs?"

I told him I had seen the harp and it WAS a beauty. Then--to cut right to the point--I asked him about his interest in purchasing Heavenly abode.

"Aha! I see you have been talking about me with Angelica! Well it is certainly no secret that I would like to buy this old house. It's a beautiful place, no doubt of THAT--but so impractical. Cold in the winter as you have probably noticed, ruinously expensive to maintain and the TAXES... !  

I  hate to see Angelica stuck in a past age, you know, just by the accident of birth. 

I have made her a most generous offer, you understand, since I can realize a good profit by developing the parcel of land into multiple private homes after removing this structure--and nice modern houses too--but, of course, she won't HEAR of it!

Not yet! 

But I don't intend to give up! 

Time is on my side, as they say--some day I expect her to agree that MY plan would be best for all concerned."


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