Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2. Sad Angelfish

A young female angelfish was at the door--pretty, but with a sad expression on her face.

"Yes?" I simply said--allowing her to tell me the purpose of her visit.

"Constable Crab--I need your help."

"Please come in and tell me what I can do. I'll help you if I can, of course."

She came in with a flutter of yellow fins and arranged herself very daintily, as angelfish do, to speak.

"My name is Angelica. I was left without parents at a very young age and have been raised in a good school chosen by an uncle. Recently this uncle also died leaving me quite alone--and the sole owner of the family estate.

Finishing my education, I have returned to live in the great reef home of  my family...but...but..."

The angelfish was obviously under some strain so I quickly came to her rescue.

"Please be calm, Miss Angelica. You are absolutely safe here. I assure you that I will give you all the aid in my power. Please continue your interesting story."

"Oh Constable Crab, I feel like such a fool--but I am afraid my great reef home is--is--is--HAUNTED!"


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