Tuesday, June 14, 2011

7. Vacation

After our short interview with Morris we entered the elegant, lavishly furnished old mansion. 

"Hettie, will you please show Constable Crab and Starry to the guest bedrooms on the second floor?" Angelica said to the housekeeper.

Then, turning to me she quietly remarked: "The bedrooms on the second floor are where most of the ghostly disturbances have taken place--I am afraid I am putting you in harms way, gentlemen."

"Perfectly all right since that is why we are here, Angelica." I replied. "We are most curious to experience for ourselves your ghost's doings."

Starry and I were led upstairs and shown to separate very nice bedrooms next door to each other--both with splendid views of the large formal garden below.

"Luncheon will be served in the dining room in half an hour if that will be convenient for you gentlemen." Hettie informed us. "Or, if you need more time to relax I can postpone it as you wish..."

"That will be fine with us." I replied. Then to Starry: "I'll meet you in the dining room  in half an hour--and, in the meantime,  keep your eyes and ears open."

"Oh, I will, I will."  Starry laughed, "And this is not such a bad place for a little vacation, is it, Constable? I hope it's cucumber sandwiches for lunch!"


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